How to write a radio jingle

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News updates on Slacker Radio.

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Random radio jottings

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Writing Jingles – The Process Explained

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Jingle Bell Rock 2018 KKLZ 93

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12 Tips for writing, and selling, great jingles

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Jingle Bell Rock 2017 KKLZ 93

PAMS Series 18 "Contempo" - Various Logos ()Boomp! Ding! PAMS Series 18 was written by Euel was the fourth series since PAMS instituted the variable logo.

The idea behind the logo was to write a bass/rhythm section of the track which could have virtually anything sung over it. The world famous KKLZ Jingle Bell Rock season has been announced! According to KKLZ website, contest details are coming Tuesday, Nov.

20th. The first clues will be starting on Monday, Nov. 26th. And, according to the Silverton website, the first picture clue event will be Wednesday, Nov.

28th. You can start looking for the "JBR" on Friday, December 14th! Writing jingles, songs in commercials, or getting your music in commercials takes dedication, but jingles for TV or a jingle for videos can be lucrative.

Playlist results Links Album Time. The best television commercials of all time, the best radio spots you turned up (and not down) in your car, and the slogans that got stuck in your head are because of a catchy jingle.

How to write a radio jingle
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