How to write a letter to a magazine editor

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How to Write a Letter to the Editor and an Opinion Editorial

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How to Write a Letter to the Editor and an Opinion Editorial

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For the latter, it starts with a query letter, also known as a pitch. Often in the form of an email, a pitch allows you to submit an idea to an editor, gain their interest and secure the job.

Are you applying for jobs working as an editor or a writer? Take the time to customize your own letter, being sure to match your qualifications to the requirements listed in the job posting. While organization and strong writing abilities are required for nearly every editorial or writing position, jobs can vary widely in terms of other desired skills.

Whether you're responding to a class requirement, or you're motivated by a passionate point of view, you can use these guidelines to draft a letter to the editor of a newspaper or magazine.

Help Writing Query Letters to Magazine Editors. To learn how to write a query letter to a magazine, read books such as How to Write Irresistible Query Letters by Lisa Collier Cool.

Writing strong query letters that convince editors to hire you is both an art and a craft – and it takes a lot of practice. To write a letter to the editor of a magazine, first find a mailing or email address where the magazine accepts letters. Next, address a specific story or other specific concern with the magazine, citing specific examples.

Further, be direct, courteous and concise. Letters to the editor can be an effective way to get the word out. A letter to the editor is a written way of talking to a newspaper, magazine, or other regularly printed publication.

Letters to the editor are generally found in the first section of the newspaper, or towards the beginning of .

How to write a letter to a magazine editor
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